Itching in horses can be very distressing. If not treated timely the condition may get worse, and the horse may experience skin trauma because of the constant scratching.  In some cases, their skin gets wounded which increases the risks of infections. Hence, it should be treated timely. If your horse is having this skin problem, and you know nothing about what to do, we have got you covered.

Just like humans, horses also experience irritability and discomfort because of skin itching, and hence, it can be challenging for you to handle them.  If your horse is troubling with itching, you must take him to the horse health care professional. Different treatment methods can be used, and to make sure your horse is getting the right treatment, you should know the cause first.

Major causes of itching

These are the main factors that cause itching. Many horses experience allergic reactions to the proteins which are present in the biting midges’ saliva, and their painful condition aggravates. The worst part is, that these flying pests are nearly impossible to be obliterated. What you can do is to take preventive measures and protect the surrounding environment to keep the horses healthy.
In addition to the pests, some horses are also allergic to certain plants. Finding out which plants are causing the trouble and eliminating them can help to ease the condition. Along with these, mold particles or dust from the hay can also cause skin irritation to horses by sticking to their body.


It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. You must take protective measures to keep the pests away from the horses so that they can stay safe and healthy. For instance, you can use the fans that are made for the barns. These will effectively help to keep the flies and other insects away from sitting on horses.

It would help if you made efforts to reduce the horses’ exposure to the infection causing insects. For example, you should let them out only in the evening when there are fewer insects outside.

Another helpful step would be to removing wet vegetation, eliminating standing water and other prospective breeding options for the flies, pests and mosquitoes.

Use of Natural Products

Although taking preventive measures is essential, but once this irritating skin problem catches your horse, proper medication and treatment are crucial.

There are several different options available these days, and the problem is that easy accessibility of countless options overwhelm the horse owners and they often fail to make the right decision.

Remember that there is nothing better than the use of natural products. The use of synthetics and harmful chemicals is common these days and using such medication can lead to several severe consequences regarding your horse health. Therefore, you should only use completely natural products for helping your horse.

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